Hypnotherapy for Weight Management

Losing weight through hypnosis has a high success rate. A surgical Gastric Band will cost you around $7000 while a weight loss hypnosis course will cost around $1000.

Before you go on a weight loss plan of any sort, there are certain questions you have to ask.
What will the quality of my life be in the future if I remain at my current weight? If you are obese, there are certain health issues you have to consider when looking at quality of life.

hypnosis-weight-lossAre there issues in your life that may be contributing to your weight problem? In other words, what are your reasons for overeating? Is it boredom, just comfort or emotional release?
Whatever weight loss diet plan you choose, it is important that you address the issues that contribute to your excess eating.

There are times when you will need the help of a counsellor, psychotherapist or hypnotist to address these issues. All these treatment help to re-educate your attitude to food.  Weight loss hypnosis is the great option because it can reach the unconscious mind and instill messages such as- you feel satisfied with less food, and uncomfortable when fully stuffed with food.

A good hypnotist will, during the sessions, repeat instructions to accept smaller options and avoid high energy foods or foods with high glycemic index. You learn to moderate your attitude and, as a result, you enjoy the good health benefits of this change. You will be unlikely to go on fad crash diets but lose weight naturally healthy eating plan and less.

Hypnotherapy, counselling and psychotherapy will look at your eating habits and address the reasons why you are eating excessively. The common reasons are boredom, comfort and emotional suppression. In addition information stored from childhood can impact on you as an adult. Do you feel the desperate need to eat all the food on your the plate in front of you even though you are full? This may be from information stored from childhood. Did your mother shout and scream at you to clean your plate when you were a kid? This attitude must change, and you must accept that you can leave food on the plate when you feel you have had eaten enough. Why not use smaller plates?

Some hypnotists make subject feel that they have undergone a surgical gastric band treatment and that there is a band surrounding the stomach that makes them full after eating a certain amount of food. This makes the subject feel that there is something in place that makes them full early, and it is not up to them.

Here is a popular weight loss program for women that works well combined with Hypnotherapy.